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The Mountain of Elijah

   The Bible and Carmelite Tradition

   “Your head is like Carmel" affirms the spouse of the Song of Songs, praising the beauty of his beloved. Effectively, in the Bible Mount Carmel is used as a symbol of beauty and fruitfulness: "to her is given the glory of Lebanon, the splendour of Carmel".
   Carmel is a sacred mountain. To God of Israel, to Baal, to Zeus… A cultic tradition that existed throughout the course of the centuries gave to the mountain an evocative character. Carmel is the location of the acts of Elijah, greatest of the prophets, through whom is made manifest, on the very summit of the holy mountain, and in opposition to the importance of the idols, the power of the true God.
   Carmel is the mountain of Mary. The attribution of beauty and of sanctity typical of Carmel converge, through the comments of the Fathers of the Church and the Ecclesiastical writers, in the person of the Mother of God, exalted above all creatures because of her place in the history of Salvation.
   When, in the period the Crusades, the group of Latin hermits established themselves on the slopes of Mount Carmel, they collected these elements and elaborated on them, meditating at length and integrating them into a project for their lives.